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ELECTRICAL SAFETY DEVICE company to introduce ALERT ELCB + MCB (Electric Shock guard) with various facilities, ALERT SHOCKGUARD is designed with high technology keeping in view welfare of users for the purpose of safety. The Company is loaded with high promising person who has produces the finest Quality of ELCB’s in the country. Company’s own R & D department has developed it to prevent fatal accidents and injuries occur from electric shock.
The Company's R & D department is constantly giving sophistication touch to product to keep pace with the changing technology and ever expanding necessity of electric power. In this electric age every and each SHOCKGUARD is tested in Company's own well equipment Laboratory and satisfactorily being used for years in thousands of homes, Factories and government and semi-government institute, which assures the technology, quality, service and seniority in the market.
The Company is being producing switchgears for the past 23 years and it has never compromised in Quality. The ALERT ELCB+MCB are made of finest raw material and possess a good durability.

Our Vision Simply, we believe, performance is the only language of Qualities Quality in designs. Manufacturing process and workmanship is always resulted in greater performance to put smile on the face of the user. We see that smile as our first Interest, Because we believe, Quality pays to our customers, and so to us.
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